Sunday, December 1, 2013

Down Below Studios

Down Below Studios Goals and About Us

Welcome to Down Below Studios. We are a game development studio based in Australia founded by Wayne Rayner. Our goals are to bring you the games you want to you. Such as racing management games on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Android. We target these platforms for our games because it is easy to develop and publish games to these platforms being a small developer.

2014 - 2016 Plans

During the next 2 years we will go from simple 2D based Management Games to 3D games. In Q3 of 2014 we plan  to release NASCAR: Crew Chief (if we can get licensing for it) which will be released on Android. We will also plan a Q4 2014 - Q1 2015 of a version for Windows and Mac OSX (If we can get licensing). We will released the game if we do not get licensing from NASCAR as Team Crew Chief and will be released on all platforms in Q3 2014.

2015 we will start some 3D games by making a simple 3D world explored in First Person. We will then convert that into a FPS with around 10 - 20 levels. This game will be released in Q4 2015 - Q4 2016 depending on resources. (This depends on how successful our first game is) if it is a failure we will most likely release a couple of other management games in 2D and release around the same time for all platforms. If it is a success we will hire some people to help us launch to 3D.


The future of Down Below Studios (DBS) will be NASCAR titles as well as V8 Supercar titles. Obviously if we can get licensing. DBS will focus on  racing games but will tie in management games as well since Management games are fun in a management way. All titles should be based on Racing however we may do business simulations based on other industries.

Thank you for reading soon we will have our website up with our own blog, forum and youtube channel. Also I will be doing Lets Play Youtube videos of NASCAR 14 and Don Bradman Cricket 14 when these games release.

On one final note we should have a small first game on our website in a couple of weeks for free I will also give you articles and places to learn to make games.


Down Below Studios